Sock's Diary

This Life is Mine

5 November 1986
I am ♥Jennifer♥

Tired and Twenty-One, I'm more or less faded and used up. I like to describe myself as a car crash: I'm oh so god damn hideous, but you can't help but want to take a closer look. My life resembles a fucked up teen movie script, full of false promises and tacky one-liners but it's a life and I suppose it gets me through. I edge through life, clutching at a faded book of hand-written fairytales and poetry. I obsess over little things and am so insecure it should be literally impossible for me to function. At times it amazes me that I do. I listen to too many emo love songs where the elusive lover wins over the broken hearted writer and fantasise far too often that I could be anything other than a silly mistake. I stay up way too late, drink way too much coffee and wear way too much eyeliner. I also have a bad habit of thinking way too much. I idolise punk rock girls in skin and ink magazines because secretly I know I'll never have the courage to be like them. I have a strange obsession with piercings and hair extensions, though not necessarily in that order. In short I'm pensive, paranoid, pathetic and something else that is edgy and begins with 'p'. Sometimes, I'm so scene it hurts, and others I just break the mould. What can I say? I'm forever doomed to go my own way...</font>

♥Sounds That Make My Life Seem Worthwhile♥:
28mgs//36 Crazyfists//7 Seconds of Love//A perfect Circle//Alanis Morisette//American Head Charge//Anaethema//Android Lust//Apoptygma Berzerk//Arch Enemy//Assemblage 23//Atomizer//Beastie Boys//Blink 182//Boxcar Racer//Caliban //Catscan//Chemical Brothers//Coal Chamber //Combichrist//Covenant//Deftones//Dirty Sanchez//The Distillers//Enigma //Eskimo//Fall Out Boy //Fear Factory//Felix Da Housecat//FPU//Garbage //God Forbid//Goldfinger//Goo Goo Dolls //Gorillaz//Goteki//Greenday //Guns n' Roses//Gwen Stefani//Hatebreed//Hole//Hot Action Cop//Incubus//InMe//Jack Off Jill//Judas Priest//Juno Reactor //KidneyThieves//Killswitch Engage//Kittie//KMFDM//Korn//Lamb//Lords of Acid//Lunatic Calm//Machine Head//Marilyn Manson//Metallica//Mindless Self Indulgence//Miss Kittin//Murderdolls//Muse//My Dying Bride//My Chemical Romance//Nelly Furtardo//Nightwish//NIN//Nirvana//No Doubt//Ozzy Osbourne//Pendulum//Placebo//Portishead//The Prodigy//Protoculture//Rage Against The Machine//Rammstein//Rasputina//Reel Big Fish//RHCP//Rinkadink//Scissor Sisters//Seabound//Shakespeares Sister//Silverchair//Slipknot//Soulfly//Soil//Soulwax//Soviet//Skinny Puppy//Skunk Anansie//Slipknot//Sneaky Bat Machine//Soil//Spunge//Static-X//Stone Sour//System of a Down//Taking Back Sunday//Tiga//'TISM//Tool//Tori Amos//Tricky//The Transplants//Type-O Negative//Ultraviolence//The Used//V.A.S.T//Vitalic//Within Temptation//Yeah Yeah Yeahs

(and tonnes more I can't think of)

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